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Avantis Group

Starting from humble beginnings, the Avantis group has now become a name to reckon with in real estate in Surat. From the days of designing the architecture of the structures to building huge high-rise apartments, the Avantis group has come a long way without letting go of its core values of dedication to quality and eye for detail.

From 2000 till now, the Avantis group stands for grand, top quality, and internationally comparable designs in its infrastructure projects. We are known for our unique designs, contemporary architecture, timely delivery and the sheer magnitude of our projects.

Be it a commercial shopping destination like VIP plaza, or a luxury service apartment like Hardrock or a luxury residential haven like Ofira, each project that we take up is not only a masterpiece in design but also a value-for-money, when it comes to world class amenities at a reasonable price. The company has also come up with the well-acclaimed luxurious Bungalows project Umiya I & II and is further coming up with some of the most high-end commercial as well as residential projects.

If luxury and grandeur is your idea of a good living in Surat, all our projects score high on that parameter. All our projects reflect the love and care with which we go about completing our projects. When we build residential spaces, we want the people living there to feel homely and secure. When we build shopping complexes, we want the buying public to have an incredible shopping experience. When we design service apartments for the visiting travellers, we want them to remember their stay in Surat more than just a passing experience.

Therefore, our projects are not only resplendent in their features, but also incredible for the finest combination of strength, aesthetics, design, and architecture. At the Avantis group, we focus on nothing less than sheer excellence.


The management team at Avantis is one brimming with energy and infected with the spirit of creating something that is iconic and grand in terms of structure and scale.

The management team consists of highly progressive, technologically-savvy and architecturally sound individuals who believe that giving the best design is the beginning of every project. The experience of the team blending with their domain expertise has led to successful completion of grand projects like Hardrock and VIP plaza.

Since 2000, we have been led in our endeavours by a highly motivated and excellent leadership team, one which believes in creating world class spaces in the most preferred locations in Surat. The management’s philosophy of giving nothing but perfect in terms of design, aesthetics, architecture, and construction quality has percolated down to each staff member, such that it is reflected in the collective efforts of the organization.


Ofira of Avantis Enterprise Surat Sept 2017 - Aug 2018

Ofira of Avantis Enterprise Surat Sept 2017 - Aug 2018